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        Canyon Clay Presets

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        8 custom presets from a professional wedding photographer. Easy to use for every day people on the FREE Lightroom Mobile App- no subscription required. You’ll stop the scroll with your photos, taken care of by Canyon Clay Presets.


        Ever scrolled Instagram and think, how do they make their photos look so good?

        Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a mom with cute kids, we ALL want our photos to look good on the ‘gram. And now that we’re in quarantine, it’s an even BETTER time to document life with juuust the right look.

        Make your photos look like an expert photog took ‘em with @canyonclaypresets. Eight Lightroom Mobile presets for those photos you have sitting on your phone. 

        Guaranteed you’ll make someone stop scrolling so they can guuush over your chubby baby or hop on to your online store and shop. 

        Get your #canyonclaypresets today.

        6 reviews for Canyon Clay Presets

        1. Kelsey P (verified owner)

          The Canyon Clay presets are GORGEOUS and easy to use! My photos look professional and I’m so happy with the quality. I don’t have any photo skills, so I love that I can get the Kelsey Albright look/style in a few simple steps with the Canyon Clay presets.

        2. Megan (verified owner)

          I absolutely LOVE the Canyon Clay presets! I am not typically a lover of black and white photos but the black and white preset option has me converted! The range and diversity within this series of presets is perfect!

        3. Coco Villasenor (verified owner)

          B-E-A-Utiful presents!!
          They don’t change your photo, or even make them look “filtered” Kelsey’s presets give your photos a beautiful & bright glow to take your IG to the next level! Good friend lady, keep ‘em comin!!!!

        4. Logan

          I love each of the Canyon Clay presets! They are quality and so awesome to have for those quick shots you take on a day to day basis. You can turn an otherwise simple shot into a great memory! You need these!

        5. Danielle T (verified owner)

          Kelsey’s CC presets are SO beautiful! I love the variety that the set has – everything from clean presents to warm tones, and she even has a black and white option. They are seriously so easy to use and take no time to make your pictures look professionally edited. I 100% recommended!

        6. Lauren R. (verified owner)

          The Canyon Clay Presets are incredible!! Not only are they beautiful & offer a variety of styles to compliment any photo you have, but they are so easy to use. If you are like me and have thousands of photos never posted due to a major lack of technology/photography skill, then I would HIGHLY recommend these presets. They are a game changer…with a simple click of a button my iPhone photos look so warm and beautiful, like professional photos! These presets really help me to feel inspired and able to document the important moments in life so easily!

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