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        Our Vibe

        Jessica Day and Nick Miller are our TV heroes and guilty pleasure. Watching them feels like real life love: weird, unkept, but hopelessly romantic and totally meant to be.

        We put a lot of emphasis on documenting the real love story—no false emotions or awkward poses needed, let’s let that natural chemistry shine! Our job is to capture you two just as you are, because c’mon—you’re super cute.

        Our photography style in three words: honest, romantic, and light. And sure, we take pretty pictures, but honey, we’re about so much more than that. We would be doing you a disservice if all we cared about was taking cool wedding day photos. Real talk: your wedding is one day—your marriage is forever!

        Our job is to be a resource for you as you’re planning your wedding and to give you marriage tips throughout the process to make your life together freaking amazing! (So be sure to check out my blog for some fun marriage-y stuff.)

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