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        I use Madera Books to create your one of a kind album. Quality, handmade books that will give your photos the showcase they deserve.

        Silk Swatches

        The Silk Book

        Did we say The Leather book was our flagship product? Well, The Silk Book gets the same treatment… made with that same old world craftsmanship and a big ol’ heap of love. We took the best parts of The Leather Book, and got rid of the leather. We switched out the black substrate and inside covers for white. What you end up with is a light, airy, premium book with all of those fine art feels.

        6×6 – $600
        6×9 – $670
        8×8 – $720
        8×10 – $800
        10×10 – $800
        8×12 – $850
        12×12 – $900
        12×16 – $960

        Linen Swatches