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        Jacqueline and Lucas originally had their wedding planned for June of this year and then in the midst of COVID-19 they decided to reprioritize their day– and they did so beautifully. Today I get to share a snapshot of their intimate Santa Barbara wedding.

        Here’s what these two concluded: It’s not about the venue. It’s not about the frills. It’s not even about the hundreds of people who they had planned to join them. Their wedding day was really about them making the decision to spend the rest of their lives together.

        Instead of postponing or canceling, they moved their wedding up a month early. They literally changed everything and stripped it down to the very basics. They had only their closest family present, and they held the ceremony in the backyard of the groom’s parents house. It was extremely special to witness this couple keep the main thing the main thing. This day was about their marriage and nothing else.

        It was a bright and sunny day in Montecito, CA– the kind of day where it feels like everything is just right. They still got to have special speeches and dances and we even snuck away to do special bride and groom portraits in the lush forest of the Santa Barbara coastline.

        It was absolutely beautiful. I hope you enjoy the highlights of their wedding day.


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