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        Okay, people, it is TIME for some vacation, am I right? Phew. I mean, all any of us need right now is to hop on a plane to a beautiful destination with yummy food and pools for days. While COVID-19 has changed our travel plans, I am here to remind you that there are SO many fun things to do, even if you are going from a work-from-home situation to a staycation.

        For most of us, working from home has been our life for the last few months. So the idea of viewing your workplace and home as a place of rest and relaxation might feel like a stretch.

        But it IS possible. Here’s the secret: you HAVE to disconnect. 

        Turn your phone and work email off. I’m talking full on, LET IT GO, Elsa style. Delete IG and Mail apps from your phone. Tell your colleagues you are going to be out of touch for three days. Leave your phone in the room until you need it to stream music in your backyard. We need to be able to give our minds and bodies a rest. And to truly make that happen, quarantine or not, we need to separate ourselves from work. 

        Once you’ve done that, let the creative juices roll and have FUN with your honey. It’ll take a few hours to adjust, but I promise, you’ll get there and you’ll forget your to-do list ever existed.

        SO, here are a few ideas for you and your honey to make the most of this quarantine staycation:

        1. Camp out in your backyard.

        Bust out a tent with twinkly lights in your backyard, and ignore how much sleep you might lose on an air mattress. Don’t have a backyard? Pretend you’re five and make a full on FORT with lights and access to the movie (and the fridge!). Roast some marshmallows over your fire or your stove, and watch The Sandlot or tell your favorite camping (glamping?) stories from when you were a kid.

        2. Drive-in Movie — At home!

        These days it’s super affordable to make a home theater in your home. Use a blank wall in your house or a side of your house in the backyard to project your favorite movie. Website with little tiny projectors. And if you want step it up a notch, throw the movie up on your garage door, invite some neighbors, and enjoy a mini drive-in movie right on your block. Spend the $10 on a movie rental, pop some popcorn and have FUN. 

        3. Turn our backyard into a resort

        Buy a blow up pool, some tiki torches, and set up your towels for a day relaxing under the cabana by the pool. Prep yummy snacks and cocktails, stream some tropical vibey music, and you might just forget that you’re at home for a few hours. 

        4. Fancy in-home date night:

        Order DoorDash from your FAVORITE restaurant and order it ALL. Apps, drinks to go, dinner, and dessert. But put the yoga pants and Lulu top away and bust out the cute dress that makes you look (and feel) the best. 

        5. Summer Olympics 

        Put all your favorite indoor and outdoor games together and put on a full tournament. You can include corn hole and Can Jam or Gin Rummy and Uno. I meeeean, you could even bust out a game of True American like you’re Nick and Jess and I would not be mad about that.

        I think you get the point. HAVE FUN with each other. Once the work is tucked away where it should be, you can let loose and have fun with each other. Who says you can’t pop the bubbly in heels in your dining room? The answer is NOBODY.


        The take-out and dress up date night has been our go-to and is great. If you or anyone else have any more ideas for staycations for newlyweds living the apartment life that don’t have backyards or garages please share!

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