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        As a wedding photographer, I shoot a wedding almost every weekend. Weddings are my jam (obvi), but I know that when it comes to wedding planning, most brides are going off of Pinterest and the few weddings they’ve attended recently.  With that in mind, I want to give you my BEST tips on how to make the most of the experience.

        To help you make the most of your day, I put together this FREE wedding day timeline. It’s a tried and true 8-hour timeline that can help couples visualize the flow of the day to have the best possible outcome.

        It can feel overwhelming for brides to figure out when they’re going to get their hair and makeup done, when they should have the first look, etc., and that can feel stressful just thinking about it. For a few more specific tips, here’s a blog post about how to plan for hair and makeup, and how to get the most out of your wedding photographer

        Honey, you have ENOUGH to manage! Save this little image to your phone and then you can adjust it specific to YOUR wedding day needs.


        This timeline is based on my most popular package. With an eight-hour wedding photog package, you can fit everything you want and I’ll be there to capture it. Here are a few factors I assumed in this timeline:

        1. The ceremony start time is 4:30pm. 

        I always start with the ceremony start time and create the rest of the timeline around it. If your ceremony starts at a different time, simply set that and slide everything forward or backward accordingly.

        1. You’re having a first look. 

        If you’re not having a first look, every photo with you and your groom in it will need to be moved to the cocktail hour, and your cocktail “hour” may need to be a little longer than the given time. This also means that you may not need me to start as early, and you can shift my time to be there farther into the reception.

        1. All of the events are happening in the same place.

        If you’re getting ready at a hotel, getting married at a church, and then having your reception at a wedding venue for example, add lots of buffer time for driving.

        1. I’ve left out all the extras. 

        There is plenty of time for a first look with your dad, or something special during your reception that can be added in and customized to your wedding day!

        1. Packages can be tailored to your needs!

        You will need more hours added if you’re having a grand exit you’d like photographed, or if there are events happening in different locations.

        Goodness, ladies, you have ENOUGH to wrap your head around as you plan your wedding. I remember what it was like when Brian and I got married six years ago… it’s all just a LOT. I hope that this timeline helps you get your plans in order so that you can feel more confident as the day approaches.

        And let me just say one more thing: my goal is to treat you like I do my besties. On that day, I know what parts can be stressful, I know how important EVERY little moment is, and my goal is to make you feel seen and heard, and of course, BEAUTIFUL. 


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