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        In the midst of this crazy season that no one has had to walk through before, we’re seeing everyone change plans. Your favorite coffee shop has mastered the coffee to-go process, and your hairstylist is making DIY kits to keep your hair lookin’ good while you’re at home. Couples engaged to be married in 2020 are also being SUPER creative with what their dream day looks like now.  

        For me, my main job is to cheer on, plan for, and shoot couples getting married. Literally, the main part of my job has been taken away these past few months. My heart aches for my couples who have been in the middle of planning their perfect wedding and seeing it all fly away. They are so resilient. 

        Now that we’re starting to see restrictions lifted and outdoor photography is permitted in CA, I have seen such FUN and special ways that couples have commemorated their engagement and wedding season. 

        Bring masks to photo sessions! 

        As a way to remember your beautiful but hard engagement season, bring masks to your shoot! (Or other quarantine props! Purell anyone?) It’s not to minimize the importance of masks or quarantine in general, but a way to honor how you coped with how hard it all was…and STILL kept your relationship (and sense of humor!) a priority. 

        Document your wedding date even if it’s postponed. 

        When you pick your wedding date, that date is FOREVER etched on your calendar and on your heart. It’s your North Star when the vendor phone calls, taste testing, and dress fitting feels like too much. For so many of my couples, they’ve had to postpone because of COVID-19. 

        That day doesn’t have to go away though! Do a little mini session on that day so that you can remember what was going to be your anniversary. I have a couple who got permission from their venue to be on the premises on their original wedding day. They had a cute little picnic on the lawn where they were going to get married. I went and photographed them celebrating their relationship, their hopes, and their love– even if it’s much different than what we had envisioned when we first talked. I think that is such a great way to bring joy to the day that could have easily come and gone. 


        I’ve cried with brides as they have had to postpone their wedding. I’ve brainstormed with them to figure out how we can still honor and represent their day. 

        And now, I’m watching these sweet couples find new ways to celebrate and new ways to represent not just their wedding day, but also their DEEP love for each other. Thankfully, COVID-19 can’t cancel that.



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