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        When Billie was born, I became a new person. Yes, I became a mom. But more than that, I became someone who was SUPER clear on her purpose. Those early newborn days where everything inside of me shifted, I made a decision to get real consistent about how I run my personal life AND business life. 

        I don’t stumble out of bed wondering what I’m going to do that day. I have a routine I follow when I wake up, I have a routine in how I reach my clients every week, and I have a routine in how I grow as a person and a professional.

        I would look at Billie with post postpartum depression tears and know, SO deep in my soul, that I wanted to be someone who my daughter admired. I wanted to work hard FOR her. Yes, so I wanted to provide for her, but more than that, I wanted to be an example of what women are capable of.

        And so I had this little photography business, and I decided I wanted it to grow way beyond where I was. I started listening to podcasts and reading books, growing and learning in my craft and as a business owner. That season changed EVERYTHING about the way my life looks right now. Truly. 

        So here are the five people who influenced SO much of who I am:

        Rachel Hollis and her morning routine.

        First of all, Rachel Hollis and Girl Wash Your Face was the biggest game changer for me. You can read more about the time I got to shoot her business conference here. She talks a lot about her morning routine as a part of her success, and even launched her own Start Today Journal to encourage other people in that practice. So because of her, I start every morning by reading my Bible and working on my gratitude list. My day begins with that practice and it orients my direction both as an individual and business owner. 


        Jasmine Star and how she serves her clients.

        Okay, Jasmine Star kicks your BOOTY with hard but true wisdom. She’s a wedding photographer turned business strategist and educator, so she gets it from the ground up. She just recently put out a podcast and I’m addicted to it. I watch her Facebook lives rigorously, too. Why? Because she’s my #1 teacher on how to make clients feel seen and known and loved. And there is NOTHING more important to me than showing up for my clients with the best of me. 


        Jenna Kutcher and her consistent content.

        Jenna Kutcher is another great resource to small business owners, but she’s got a different voice and platform than Jasmine’s. Jenna has a passion for helping small business owners and helping women become the best versions of themselves. My biggest business shift from her came in the form of my weekly blog. My brides are who I’m serving, and I want to provide ALL the resources I can, every week. Why hold on to all my industry knowledge when it can help my people? Jenna’s push to provide consistent content was a GAME-CHANGER for me and my business!


        Gary Vaynerchuk and his daily motivation to be better.

        Gary Vee is a go-getter business expert who uses his platform to provide motivational content to his audience. He is the master of small video clips–he films absolutely everything in a very stream of consciousness way. Every video has these nuggets of wisdom you need to hear. He is constantly pushing his audience, myself included, to work harder, better, and faster than everyone else. And this girl is HERE for it. 


        Dave Ramsey and his financial wisdom.

        Dave Ramsey is my guru for the financial world, both for personal and business. He changed my life when Brian and I took Financial Peace University six years ago, and I cannot recommend him enough. Check out this blog and this blog about finances and Dave Ramsey’s influence!

        I am so, so grateful for the way these people have influenced me and my business. I am where I am because these people shared their business advice AND life advice. I cannot grow my business if I don’t first develop myself; these people make that possible for me AND in how I serve my clients. 



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