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        This week I get to pull back the curtains of my business and introduce you to one of MY vendors, Corrie Myers Consulting. Corrie and I have been working together for the last year. She oversees every single piece of text you see on my blog, website, emails, Instagram, and freebies. And TODAY I get to introduce you all to her!

        Corrie came in with a plan and vision for my business and over delivered in every single aspect of what I envisioned in a copywriter. She has the perfect way of crafting together ideas but also capturing my voice and she does it effortlessly. 

        She does an absolutely amazing job of keeping up with me and the things that I care about, so that she naturally incorporates those into everything that she writes for me. This attention to detail is above and beyond what anyone else has done for me in things like website copy. I can’t recommend her enough!

        If you’re a business owner looking to grow your business, you will absolutely need a copywriter. To help you get to know Corrie, here’s a quick Q+A with her!


        • What is Corrie Myers Consulting?


        I help entrepreneurs get their message across with consistent and relevant copy. 


        • What is a copywriter?


        I write words that convert ideas to sales. Anything from IG copy to blog content, to the PDF download you got from your new favorite fitness guru– those are all words intended to capture their audience’s attention and buy their product or service. 


        • How can I use this for my business?


        If you need the copy on your website updated or want to narrow in on email marketing, you need a copywriter. If you want to gain new leads but don’t know how, you need a copywriter who can build out a solid lead generator and email sequence. If you just CANNOT stay consistent on social media, you need a copywriter. 


        • Favorite client to work for?


        Entrepreneurs who know: A. their ideal client as well as they know their best friend from 6th grade. B. EXACTLY how their product or service can help their ideal client. C. what they want for their business but also has the confidence to know it’s time to ask for help. 

        Aaaaand, because she loves MY people, she’s offering a deal for YOU. If you want to grow your business right now, Corrie is offering 10% off of lead generators (the freebies!), email sequences, and web copy to clients who mention my name! Head on over to her website and let her know you want in on this goodness!




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