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        I’m going to guess you have 32,856 photos on your phone that you have NO idea what to do with. Aaaand, I’m going to also guess that you look at photos from other people on Instagram and think, how do I make my photos look fresh like theirs?!

        My brides and other clients have been BEGGING for the secret sauce when it comes to my editing, so I did it. I created presets for you, the person with a million photos on your phone just begging to be shared with the world, so that you could enhance those already perfect shots with a little Kelsey flair.

        Whether you want your Instagram to look uniform or you want a fool-proof way to edit your photos to make ‘em look like a professional did it, I GOTCHU.

        These are strange times, and the ability to have a photographer at your daughters 1st birthday party isn’t exactly reality, so I wanted to give you the tools to make your photos look and feel exactly how you want.

        So TODAY, I am beyond excited to introduce you to Canyon Clay Presets: eight presets for the Lightroom Mobile app.

        Here’s what you need to make that 22nd shot of your kid eating cake look like I took it:

        1. Download the FREE Lightroom Mobile App (easy as pie)
        2. Purchase Canyon Clay Presets (hey girl, heyyy)
        3. Follow the how-to steps and you’ll for sure stop the scroll.
        4. POST those bad boys, tag @canyonclaypresets #canyonclaypresets so I can repost and share them!

        I can’t wait to see your photos brought to life.



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