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        One of the questions I get asked MOST by my clients is what to wear to a photo shoot. Whether it’s a bride getting ready for an engagement shoot or a mom wrangling her kids to look coordinated for a family shoot, everyone has the same question.

        And I know where that’s coming from! You’re stopping your normal life to take these photos to memorialize this very important season, and you want it to capture it as clearly as possible– while looking good yourself.

        So last year my team and I came up with a resource for ALL of my tips and tricks for having the best possible photo session for me. That includes what to wear in which environment, how to get the most natural smile, etc. All the things in one place.

        I know what it’s like to be on YOUR end of the camera and, like always, I want my clients to feel at ease.

        So, my team and I revamped the style guide to be easily downloadable on PDF just for you.

        YES! Give me that Photo Session Style Guide

        Now you cut “figure out what to wear” off of your to-do list. 




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