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        I am SO excited to finally share this project with you! I gave you all a sneak peek on Instagram a few months ago, and NOW it’s finally here! In today’s blog I get to tell you about my new brand video!

        I got a brand video done for Kelsey Albright Photo because of a friendship I built WAYYYY back when I started out as a wedding photographer and worked with a videographer named Justin. 

        Justin Sherman is now the owner of Kyro Digital Media. After a few years of working together, he and his fiancee Alyssa asked me to photograph their wedding, which started the journey of us being bonded forever– because that’s what happens when I photograph someone’s wedding.  

        After Justin got married, he started pivoting his business beyond weddings, shooting commercials and big business film. He’s been super successful at that!

        Fast forward to now and this brand video he did for me. 

        A few months ago, Justin had this idea to start doing brand videos for creatives. He knows that creative small business owners have so much heart behind their business, but sometimes that’s not really conveyed in mere words on a website.

        His heart is to help entrepreneurs make more money and get more clients, so he asked ME to be his guinea pig. Of course, I said 100% YES.

        From there, I just had to follow the creative direction of Justin and his team. They first asked me a bunch of questions about me, my business, my family, etc. They really understood my personal AND professional life. Then they wrote a script based on my answers. 

        Once the script was in place, they came up with the plan for where to film, what to film, etc. They did an interview in my home, filmed a date night with my husband, shot a video of me and my team working together, etc. It was SUCH a fun experience and they made it effortless for me. They made sure I was super comfortable in front of the camera, from hiring me a hair and makeup artist to generally making me feel like myself. 

        And the end product? I love it. The brand video Kyro Digital made for me is the heartbeat behind why I do what I do, and I am HONORED to share it with you.

        Click here to see the full amazingness they created.


        Kelsey Albright Photography Brand Video from Kyro Digital on Vimeo.

        If you are an entrepreneur looking to scale your business with a brand video, I cannot recommend Justin and his team from Kyro Digital enough. AND, if you decided to work with him, he’s offering my people a special deal. If you mention Kelsey Albright, they will throw in FREE social media edits on top of the brand video. What a sweet deal, right?!

        So if you’re interested, start up a conversation with Justin and his team here. I can’t wait to see what comes of YOUR brand video!




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