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        Last November I landed a DREAM job photographing Rachel Hollis’ Business Conference. Her work has been SO influential to me as a wedding photographer and business owner. But while this was a DREAM job, it was really, really, really hard.

        For starters, I almost missed my flight. Then, after the first full day, I got sick. Like violently sick, the kind where you cannot be around other humans at ALL. After the 24 hours was up, I put my big girl britches and a bunch of hand sanitizer on and went back to work. I was exhausted, drained, but I showed up. 

        My biggest lesson from that trip wasn’t necessarily from one of the amazing business speakers. It was the truth that I learned inside me: following my dreams is hard.

        As I think about my 2020 brides, I’m reminded of what I learned on that trip. 

        Right now, my brides are having to take the plans they’ve had in place for years and adjust. They’re having to think big picture about what they want for their family and for their marriage– not just their wedding day. 

        I’m so INSANELY grateful for each of my 2020 couples and how they’re managing this stressful season. They are carrying the concern but also trying to stay focused on the big picture, even if that means postponing an entire year. 

        Whether you’re one of my brides or not, I wanted to take a moment to share my encouragement to couples who are planning their wedding in the middle of this pandemic.

        1. Keep planning and dreaming!

        Life won’t stop like this forever. Yes, we don’t know how long this will last, but eventually this will be behind us. It’s important, for planning purposes AND to keep our hope alive that there is more to life than this pandemic.

        2. Read your contracts!

        Challenging times force us to get really clear on the details, from our finances to our contracts. Take this time to get super super clear on what your contracts say about postponements, acts of God, etc. I don’t charge for postponements, but some vendors do– make sure you know all the details you would have skimmed over two months ago!

        3. Remember that we are not in control.

        Right now, it’s COVID-19. In another season, it could be bad weather, or a sudden illness that keeps you from your dream wedding. This pandemic reminds us that we are not in control and that we need to hold our plans loosely, focusing on what is THE most important.

        So, as a wedding photographer in a business that has been significantly impacted by the virus, I want to encourage couples to keep planning and dreaming!! Your wedding day is about your marriage, and that can still happen; it just may not look exactly like you had planned.

        Which, just like I learned at the RISE conference last year, having your plans and dreams change is a normal part of life. Let’s remember that can be both hard AND beautiful at the same time.

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