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        Hi friends!

        Today I’m excited to talk to you about what makes a great DJ EMCEE, and why DJ Griff is a GREAT one to use. He always does an amazing job.

        But before I tell you more about him, let me tell you what you need to look for in a DJ EMCEE:

        First, you HAVE to realize that DJ EMCEEs make or break a wedding, and that is the honest truth. They have this much power because they need to be good at two very different things.

        Here’s what makes a great DJ EMCEE: 

        1. The DJ part of it is mixing music, creating an atmosphere for your guests that feels lively and comfortable. And? You don’t really notice anything because it all flows seamlessly. They have the right song selections for all the different parts of the evening for you. But if a song comes on that you’re like, that’s weird, why is that playing right now…that’s not a good sign the sign of a good DJ!
        2. The EMCEE part of their job is actually directing the entire reception. They are inviting people to sit there, welcoming the bridal party and the bride and groom, they are taking control of the timeline and the evening as a whole. They have charisma. They have confidence to be able to move things on the timeline from event to event, like from the father daughter dance to the cake cutting. BUT, you all know when there’s a terrible EMCEE because, well, you NOTICE it. If they’re doing a good job, you aren’t even paying attention to them.

        All of these reasons are why I love DJ Griff and highly recommend him. He NAILS both the DJ and the EMCEE part. I really have never had a bad wedding with him. To get a feel for WHY I think this, be sure to watch our Instagram Live at 12:30 on Thursday.  He will be chatting with me about all things DJ EMCEE.



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