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        All right, honey, this blog is answering one of THE BIGGEST questions I have as a wedding photographer. Literally, it’s one of the biggest pain points for the whole wedding day. This blog is for the moms, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the florists– for all the people.

        This blog is about how to pin a boutonniere!

        Usually the florist will leave the boutonniere with the groom and groomsmen while they’re getting ready, and it’s THE thing that can cause our whole wedding day timeline to get delayed because I’m usually the only one who knows how to do it.

        So, baby boo, let’s SOLVE this problem! Because it’s easy peasy. 

        Here are five easy steps to pin a boutonniere:

        1. Grab the two pins the florist left for each boutonniere.
        2. Put the boutonniere on the lapel where you want it to sit. Place the boutonniere to sit in between the top of the lapel and the pocket.
        3. Then, roll the lapel around the boutonniere like a taco. The boutonniere is the meat, and the lapel is your tortilla. 
        4. So you roll it around like a taco and then take ONE pin and stick it in from the top of the boutonniere so it goes DOWN into the flower. 
        5. The second pin goes from the bottom of the boutonniere, where the stems are, to the top of the flower without the pin poking out of either side, 

        So you have one pin going from top to bottom and you have one pin going from bottom to top, and the boutonniere is not going anywhere.

        Aaaand that’s all you have to do! 


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