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        This week’s blog post is about Katie and Michael’s GORGEOUS Cielo Farms wedding in Malibu, California.

        But this week’s blog post is ALSO about everyone who is worried about their dream wedding, or who needs something beautiful to distract them from the stress of the news.

        I LOVED Katie and Michael, even though I couldn’t shoot their wedding. I was already booked the day of their wedding, but I sent an Associate Photographer to shoot it on my behalf. I still corresponded with all the vendors and edited it with the Kelsey Albright look. 

        In a time in our country when so much is changing, I am thinking so much about the 2020 brides. You’ve spent years planning this day and it can feel like everything is changing.

        For me, having Associate Photographers is one way I can make sure I take care of my clients, even in an emergency situation. I work with other photographers who know my brand and my style, so if there is ever an emergency, like in this era of the Coronavirus, I have plans in place to ensure my clients’ wedding day is documented exactly as they hope it will be. 

        So, ENJOY these beautiful photos of Katie and Michael, enjoy their wedding video by Katrina Patterson, and know that we’ll get through this together.


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