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        As a kid I was obsessed with my parents’ wedding album. 

        I wanted to look at it all the time. I remember wanting to look at the photos of my dad and his white tux — yes my dad wore a white tux to his wedding. And my mom and her gorgeous, poofy, 80s wedding dress. It was, and still is, the best. Iconic in every way.

        As a wedding photographer, I ALWAYS want my couples to get their photos printed so they live somewhere beyond your hard drive or the few you have on your phone. 

        Pick out your favorites, get them printed, and put them all over your home. This includes getting an album made so that it’s a special heirloom piece for you and for your kids when, someday, they’re doing the EXACT same thing I used to do. 

        Your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids are going to be able to see not just the momentous cake cutting, but they’ll be able to see the legacy of your love.

        So, it’s important to get your album printed right away, while it’s all fresh in your memory and you still have thank you cards to write. The chances of you getting your album printed years and years after your wedding is not great. The first year of marriage can have so many challenges– having your wedding album on your coffee table can bring you back to why you’re committed to one another. 

        If you book with me, we start talking about this right when you book me. I use Madera books to create them and they are like a little luxury item. 

        I guide you threw the entire process. If you’re currently engaged or are a past client, I can help you get YOUR heirloom piece out of your hard drive and onto your coffee table. –> Click here to get started!



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