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        The beauty of weddings now is that there’s so many different ways to make your wedding your own. As a photographer who captures each couples’ unique day, I’ve seen LOTS of examples of totally traditional and very personalized. So, here are a few ideas if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your wedding day experience. 


        Programs: Programs that connect with your attendees. I love when couples have the order of events for your ceremony, but they also use this as an opportunity to tell their story. It shows how the bride and groom met and where they’re from, what their favorite date spot is, etc. Then, if you’re there because you work with the bride, you feel wayyy more connected to the couple, their families, etc. 

        Giving Away: As a riff on the traditional way of the father of the bride giving the daughter of the way, I’ve seen it done where BOTH parents from both the bride AND groom give each other away. It’s a communal experience where both parents are honored and there is a unity around this new couple that’s being formed.

        Pause and turn! Have the officiant pause during the beginning of the ceremony to have you turn and look at your guests. This is so fun to give the couples a tiny moment to breathe and soak it alll in. This day is about you, but sometimes it’s soooo busy you don’t have that moment. This is the perfect moment to let it all sink in. 


        Initials/face: A super fun way to personalize the tiny details is with your new initials… even your face! Yes, your face. These days, couples will use their initials and even their cute mugs on everything from cookies to napkins. It’s a sweet way to feel the couple’s personality on every part of the wedding atmosphere!

        Sweetheart table! Grab a favorite quote from a show or movie you live and hang it on your sweetheart table. One couple I shot for had a Parks and Rec sign on their sweetheart table that said “I like you and I love you.” SO stinkin’ cute. 

        His and hers drink at the bar: Have your bartender craft speciality drinks that represent each of you. This welcomes the party and makes them feel invited in to something extra special!

        Those are just a FEW of the fun things I have seen at the weddings I’ve shot. Of course, you can scour Pinterest, but make sure to remember the whole point of personalizing your wedding. This day is about YOU and your love. The people who show up at your wedding want to celebrate and honor that. The goal of personalizing your wedding should be capture the essence of YOU in a way that connects and welcomes all of your wedding guests. 



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