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        When looking over my 2019 calendar, I feel an insane amount of gratitude for the couples I got to meet and the experiences I got to live. I worked harder than I ever worked in my life, I left it all on the field, but I also reaped the benefits of that sweat.

        2019 was the year I decided to step. it. up. I hired two women, I dreamed, and we began building. Though I’m leaving many firsts, I seriously CANNOT WAIT for what 2020 holds for Kelsey Albright Photography!

        As this year comes to a close, I wanted to share my favorite photos from each of my weddings this year. It may not be the obvious choice, but the images I chose were the ones that touched me, and made me proud to do what I do, and do what I LOVE! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


        P.S. Want to be in my 2020 Best of? Let’s start the conversation!

        1/5 | Emily + Jacob

        bride cries

        1/19 | Amanda + Jason

        hb bride and groom

        3/22 | Kiki + Trevor

        catalina wedding

        5/5 | Kari + Eric

        casa romantica wedding

        5/11 | Lauren + Andrew

        Temecula Wedding

        5/18 | Ashley + Tim

        6/9 | Madison + Dino


        6/22 | Tiffany + Michael

        giracci wedding

        7/21 | Katelyn + Alex


        8/3 | Kim + Sean

        9/19 | Haylee + Colby

        laguna beach elopement

        9/21 | Monica + Brian

        10/6 | Sierra + Trevor

        sparkler exit wedding

        10/11 | Michelle + Mark

        first look
        first look

        10/18 | Kinsey + Corey

        bridal party

        11/2 | Emilee + Tom

        bride and groom

        11/2 | Katie + Michael

        cielo farms wedding

        11/23 | Alexandra + Eric

        first look

        11/24 | Kara + Jake

        bride and groom

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