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        I’ve walked through hundreds of wedding seasons with brides and always, ALWAYS, the first hang-up is the decision on which wedding venue to book.

        It’s stressful because, well, you can’t book ANYONE else– photographer, DJ, etc.– until you’ve settled on the location.

        AND it’s stressful because, let’s be honest. Wedding venue prices can make you feel like you just need to throw in the towel and go to the courthouse with your fiancé and bestie and throw out the dream wedding you’ve been planning since you were ten. 

        LISTEN! There is a way! I’ve been doing this for awhile and I’ve seen, both in my own wedding and the hundreds of weddings I’ve photographed, that there IS a wedding venue for every type of bride. 

        So, to help couples navigate this process with a bit more clarity, I created this FREEBIE: Five Wedding Venue Types. The goal is that with this little BEAUTY of a download, you can supercharge your search and find the location that’s perfect for YOU, regardless of your budget!

        This freebie is for anyone who is about to get engaged, hopes to get engaged, or has a ring on their finger and mile-long list of vendors she wants to book and wants to start planning yesterday. 

        Is this you or someone you know? 

        Yes, help me find the perfect venue!

        Spread the love because I KNOW this will help get the wedding planning going, creating more peace in your mind and dream wedding vendors with your name on their 2020 calendar. 



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