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        If you’re like me, you have a thousand to-do lists, a busy calendar, and you’re constantly playing the game of what or who should be occupying your time. I am a wife, a mom, a business owner, friend, and coffee-shop lover. I do NOT have time to waste. This is why, in order to best stay connected with my community, I use Later to produce my monthly Instagram content.

        Would it surprise you to know that I spend less than 30 minutes a day on social media? According to the most recent data, users spend about 2 hours on social media a day, 58 minutes on Instagram alone. I LOVE connecting with my tribe on social media, but if I spend too much time on it, I am inevitably spending time looking at accounts that DON’T serve my people. And I do NOT have that 2 hours to scroll when I have Billie at my feet or your wedding photos to edit and organize. 

        I also am not interested in the distraction that Instagram can bring as a small business owner. I  like to avoid the pitfall of comparison so that I focus on my clients and what THEY need.

        My goal is to be the best wife, mom, and business, owner, so I have to be strategic. So, I plan one month of Instagram posts in one day using Later. This process maximizes the amount of hours I have in one day AND serves my clients. 

        Here’s how I picked and use Later:

        1. Multiple options for plans based on your business type and size. You can start with a free account and add in different plans based on your community needs. 
        2. Planning out your Instagram grid. This is especially helpful for me to see what photos will look like together once they’re all on Instagram.
        3. The power of auto publishing. We can pick the photo, write the caption, and then have it automatically publish. No need for a push notification to make sure it gets posted! I don’t have to do anything manually. Once I plan it, it’s done.

        Ultimately, this platform helps me keep YOU in mind, both as I interact with you on social media, and as I am dreaming, planning, and connecting with you about your wedding day.


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