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        It’s December and while everyone is excited for Christmas, you also know this is when your honey is going to pop the question. You’re making sure your nails are always done and makeup is on in case he surprises you last minute. It happens and it’s so exciting but then as soon as you’ve toasted to the new engagement, you want to get to booking all your vendors!

        In the middle of the holidays, this can feel like a LOT.  You probably have spent loads of extra money on Christmas presents or hosting holiday parties or bringing gifts and food and things to other people’s holiday parties. It’s just madness. It’s a season where, honestly, you just give everyone all your money!

        So, how should you do this with a ring on your finger, New Year’s Eve parties to prep for, and a budget to maintain? 

        First, I want you to know the background on our industry. Most of my couples book their vendors between November and January because they get engaged over the holidays. But, that doesn’t include the couples who got engaged over the summer! For example, I already have May and September completely booked! (Still looking? Click here to book!)

        So, with that knowledge it’s super important you take action if you get engaged during the holiday season. Here are my four tips:

        #1 Know what’s most important for your wedding

        Make a list of the most important aspects of your wedding and list them in order of priority. My advice: Location first, photographer second. Then, make a list of vendors for each of those categories in order of your preference. That way, when you start contacting vendors, you don’t waste time. And while you think you’ll remember all the names of the vendors you have saved in your phone’s safari history, chances are you’ll forget.

        #2 Don’t wait, plan ahead!

        While the holiday is full, full, full, start booking so your vendors are available! Once you have the list in place, start making the calls in order of your priorities, and book your vendors before they’re snatched up. It happens fast.

        #3 Use Thursday through Sunday. 

        In the wedding industry, it’s very normal to have Thursday weddings, Friday weddings, and then Sunday weddings as well. If your favorite location is booked on the Saturday of your choice, get creative and see if it’s available on a Sunday. 

        #4 Don’t get sticker shocked!

        While you’re excited and dreaming of your vendors, it’s easy to see the price and freak out. Don’t worry, they aren’t going to ask for it all up front. There’s a non-refundable retainer due when you sign the contract, but then you can spend the next few months budgeting the rest. 

        Lastly, have FUN! This is such a special time and your vendors know how much is going on. We are here for you and can’t wait to get you going.



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