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        Everyone knows and loves wedding photos. We love thumbing through our parents’ wedding albums, and we can’t wait to see ours all put together. But these days, brides know that their day can be captured and the stories told in a second way. This is where wedding videographers come in!

        Wedding videography and wedding photography are their own mediums that hold hands to create the perfect wedding memories to keep and treasure forever. Both are heirloom pieces of history. And both are equally important. 

        Wedding photos have always been a value to people. But this current generation recognizes that wedding videography is just as important because it captures completely different things in a way that reflects the couple and what their love looks and feels like. And they get to have that unique experience told in a way that allows them to relive it, share it, and experience the heart and soul of their wedding. 

        So my advice is that as you’re planning your budget, absolutely create space for a cry-worthy video to memorialize the day. AND, make sure you find the videographer that’s right for YOU! Sometimes couples don’t hire one simply because they don’t find one that speaks to them. A few weeks ago I shared how to find a photographer that fits you. Here are my ideas on how to find a videographer that fits you:


        • These videographers piggyback on the work of the photographer, capturing the moving images of the day.
        • Great for couples who want to capture the nuances of the day in chronological order. 


        • Imagine a movie of your day, with a third person director capturing the shots and telling the story in an artistic way.
        • Great for couples who want a unique approach specific to their wedding and their story.


        • Their goal is to film the ceremony, start to finish.
        • Great for couples on a tighter budget, but who still want to capture the most significant moments. 

        I know there is so much to think about as you’re planning your day, but this is NOT something you want to miss because you got too busy. Talk with your fiancé about your choices, and get your videographer booked! Months after the wedding when you’re drowning in thank you cards, you’ll want to relive the experience of the day.  



        Here are my suggestions for videographers based on their style:

        KAP Media
        Akros Media
        Glass Woods Media
        Memory Machine Films

        The Hubs Films
        Monroe Films

        Royal Films
        Victor Dizon

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