TO MENU

        Hey guys, this is your friendly neighborhood photographer coming in clutch with the REAL DEAL info.

        MOH’s, your job is a hard one! Taking care of your bestie all day means multiple coffee runs, talking to trouble-makers behind the scenes, and worrying about the timeline so the bride doesn’t have to. I get it, you’ve got a million things on your mind, but there’s ONE thing you can do that your girl will be forever thankful for: FLUFFING HER DRESS.

        All too often I see gorgeous gowns in a big white heap at the altar, either because the Maid of Honor forgot to fluff the dress, or never learned how to properly do it. Here’s the deal:

        1. TAKE THE TIME. You’re not in the way if you take a few extra seconds to fluff the train. Trust me, no one’s looking at you.
        2. Step out from the line, and with both hands, grab the outermost part of the dress. Lift it up like that old school rainbow tarp you played with as a kid, and gently bring it back down to the ground. The air from lifting it up will help fluff and spread the dress out.
        3. Now that the dress is spread out properly, run your fingers around the edges and make sure it’s all right side up.
        4. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and win extra brownie points from the photographer, coordinator, and the bride herself for making her dress look its best!


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