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        Whether you’re in full planning mode or you don’t quite have the ring on your finger yet, I know choosing the right vendors for your wedding is a daunting task. Where the heck do you even start? Let me take some stress off your plate and give you a few things to look out for in selecting the wedding photographer of your dreams! 


        Pay attention to what kinds of photos you’re drawn to on Instagram or Pinterest. Are the photos saturated with bright pops of color, or are they desaturated and a little darker? A huge part of a photographers craft is how they edit their photos, and you’re not going to change their editing style, so make sure you really love what they’re already doing before you reach out to inquire! 

        My style: I like to walk the line right in between light and airy, and dark and moody. I call it romantic and honest. I want to capture the day as it happens, and try not to veer away too much from the true colors of the day. Some colors are saturated (yellow, orange, blue), while others play second fiddle in my photos (green). 


        How does their website and social media make you feel? Are they type A personalities who love lists and mastering the perfect timeline? Are they chill and laid back artist types who post blurry photos and lots of mood? Make sure your vibes align! You don’t want to hire the Type A personality if it clashes with your free-spirited attitude. Your wedding photographer is the vendor you spend the most time with before and during your wedding day, so get a feel for who they are, and if you could see being friends with them in real life, you’ve found the perfect fit! 

        My personality: I definitely love my timeline, but it’s so that we have plenty of time to play in between the margins! I wouldn’t consider myself a real artist-type, I would more describe myself as a people person. I want to capture the real love between you and your person. I’m easy to be around, I don’t interject too much, I pick and choose when to direct and when to hang back. 


        What do you care most about on your wedding day? Wedding photographers definitely have favorite sections of the day too, and it’s most likely what they’re posting on Instagram. A romantic photographer will really want to take time to capture gorgeous bride and groom portraits. A party photographer will rage with you on the dance floor for hours on end. If photographers post a lot about the ceremony, they are most likely super sentimental and value the importance of the marriage itself. If you see a lot of wedding party photos, it means they love those moments you get to have with your crew and love taking candids. 

        My Vibe:

        I’m a mix between romantic, sentimental, and lover of all things wedding party! 

        I hope this helped in your search of the dream wedding photographer, and hey, if you think we’re a good fit, reach out to me and let’s get to talking about your wedding day!

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