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        What are your thoughts about boudoir? Well, I’m going to ask you to leave your preconceived notions at the door because I’m here to completely change it up. 

        Here’s your new definition: a boudoir session is capturing all of who you are–your natural, perfect body and personality as a gift for your husband and as an empowering experience for you. Did I get you curious? 

        I’m jut warning you, this blog post gets PERSONAL.

        I always had weird feelings toward boudoir photography, especially as a woman of faith. Body and sex talk were always taboo and, let’s face it, kind of shameful. I walked into marriage so excited to completely enjoy my husband, and instead realized I had a lot of unraveling to do in order to enjoy marriage. It took years to undo feelings of shame and embarrassment to fully embrace my body and sex. Can anyone relate?

        I want to change that for you so badly. I want to help you to see the beautiful woman you are. I want the mask to come off and to give you an opportunity to feel completely perfect and beautiful just as you are, because YOU ARE. Let’s kick self-doubt to the curb and walk in freedom!

        I am not your average boudoir photographer. I value the privacy of every client and believe that boudoir photos are for the enjoyment of a husband & wife. For this reason, I DO NOT display any of my boudoir work publicly. You never have to worry about your private photos being put on blast ANYWHERE. I also offer private, in-house professional photo editing and printing. No one else will see these photos but me from start to finish of production! It’s more work for me, but it’s something I believe in so much, and it’s definitely what makes me stand out as a COMPLETELY different type of boudoir photographer. 

        Boudoir sessions work differently than any other session because of their nature. You will be given a proof gallery and can select images to get fully retouched. I won’t photoshop you to look like a different person, I believe in celebrating the body you were given! I will just smooth everything out and give it that extra pop of studio quality.

        You would bring 2-3 different looks – lingerie, t-shirt and undies, whatever you want! Feel free to make it your own and get creative.

        My hope is two-fold. 

        1. I want to take amazing photos that you absolutely LOVE and can’t wait to show your husband
        2. I want the experience of taking these photos to feel like therapy, to feel like you are embracing your strong, beautiful body that does so much for you everyday. Get to know your body and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

        If a boudoir session still isn’t for you, that’s okay! But if anything in this blog fired you up and got you thinking about doing a session with me, I’m offering boudoir sessions on Saturday, September 7th, and trust me when I say I want to photograph YOU!

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