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        There are a MESS of opinions out there about how business owners should be running their social media.

        “You have to be consistent or the algorithm won’t show your posts.”

        “Take a month off from posting and don’t feel bad about it, it’s healthy and other things are more important.”

        “If you’re not posting everyday, you’re missing out on business opportunities.”

        “Spending too much time on social media is unhealthy and causes comparison anyway so don’t listen to those people telling you that you need to be on it every day to grow your business.”

        “Social media is a FREE marketing platform that business owners have never had before, stop complaining about it.”

        There’s this weird culture dichotomy happening with social media where we’re constantly receiving messages that we’re not posting enough, immediately met by someone posting about how the pressure is too high and we need to post less and prioritize other things.

        But here I am, throwing my opinion into the ring, and here is it: there is a time and a season for everything! There is a season for strategically growing your social media, and a season to step away and take a break. Only you know what is best and healthiest for you!

        We need to be giving ourselves and others grace and permission to carry out our social media presence in whatever way we see fit. Sometimes that means working your booty off to bring your audience value, post every day, and write blog posts to grow your business. And other times that means taking a month off to spend time with family, not caring about how many people are following you, enjoying beautiful life moments.

        We should feel shame for NEITHER of those. When we’re in a season of rest, we don’t need to scoff at the business owners posting every day or feel bad about ourselves, and when we’re in a season of growth, there should be no place for expectation on others to work just as hard. Stay in your lane, focus on the road ahead of you, and celebrate that other people are doing different things on their roads to success.

        If you’re in the season of hustle with your business and want to outsource some tasks or set aside time to plan your posts all at once, I have a few tips for you!
        1. I have taken leaps and bounds in the last few months to hire someone as a contracted worker to help me with social media so it’s actually planned out and not created on the fly. That allows me to spend intentional business time on social media rather than just scrolling and scrolling for hours and then feeling discouraged or depleted at the end of it.

        2. I use the app Later for all my social media planning. Among its many amazing features, my favorite is that it auto posts for you, so once you set everything up and schedule the time and date, it will automatically push the post without you doing a single thing! It’s absolutely changed my social media game, and has given me the freedom to hop onto social media only when I want to!

        If you could take one thing away from this post, I want it to be PERMISSION. Permission to ease off social media when you want to. Permission to focus and ramp up social media content if it’s going to take you where you want to go. Permission to delete Instagram or mute certain people altogether if you feel burnt out, or hurt by social media. YOU have permission to be in exactly what season of life you are in. Decide for yourself how social media fits into that. Feel freedom to prioritize the things that are important to you, and put your energy toward those things! Don’t let anyone else influence you on what you should prioritize, because in the end, you know what’s best for you.



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