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        At a wedding, this happens 10 times out of 10. The coordinator or DJ announces it’s time to cut your cake. You and your husband run over to the cake, all your guests are watching, then you look up at me and mouth “What do we do?” It’s so funny how something that is such a traditional part of weddings actually has a step by step process that we really don’t think about until we’re in the moment! So here is how to cut your wedding cake in front of all of your guests at your reception.

        1. First, you want to position yourself so that you are facing your guests. If the cake is on a table, go to the back of the table so that everyone can watch you cut the cake. If the table is against the wall, simply create a diagonal between your cake and your guests
        2. You and your husband are both going to put your hand on the cake knife cut a pie-like slice out of the very bottom tier of the cake
        3. Put down the cake knife and pick up the cake server to scoop the slice onto a plate together
        4. Take separate forks and feed each other, one at a time
        5. After you’ve both had a taste of your delicious cake, you’re going to put your forks down and kiss each other

        If you have champagne on the cake table as well, you can both take your glass, link arms, and take a sip together.

        And that, my friends, is a step-by-step process of how you cut your cake!

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