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        As you’re scrolling through Instagram, have you ever noticed how some photographer’s photos look super saturated, while others are desaturated? Or some look light and airy, while others look dark and moody?

        If you gave the same photo to 10 different photographers to edit, each one would look completely different based on their style. One photographer might have pops of color where everything contrasted and bright. Another photographer might desaturate the photo and bring the dark tones down and make it look more emotional. Editing is a big part of the art of creating a beautiful photograph. Editing doesn’t only have the power to make a photo look different, it makes it feel different.

        Photographers have artistic reign over every aspect of the photo. We can manipulate the exposure, the contrast, and every single color among many other things. We can make the greens more of a deep forest green, or lighten them to look more lime-green, brighter and sun-filled. We can bring specific colors into the shadows or the highlights of the image making the image look more cool or warm. A cooler photo will typically look very modern and moody and warm will look a little bit nostalgic. All those little changes make photos look and feel so different from each other. Can you picture it?!

        ALL THAT TO SAY. Pay attention to what style you are most drawn to! Try to pick out the two or three things that differentiate those photos from others and start using those keywords to find the wedding photographer of your dreams!

        For example, I describe my style as light and romantic.

        LIGHT because I mostly work with even lighting, not making the highlights to bright or the shadows too dark.

        ROMANTIC because I tend to warm my images up with some yellows and oranges hidden in the shadows of the photo, giving it a nostalgic homey feeling.

        It is of the utmost importance to find a photographer whose style you connect with, rather than finding a style you connect with, then finding a photographer. You’ll have the photos of your dreams if you pay attention to the style you like, and choose a photographer that is already doing that perfectly!



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