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        Brian and I actually went to the same high school and were in the same graduating class, but never met.

        Crazy, right?! Just you wait…it gets crazier.

        In the very first night of our freshman year at college, we ran into each other because we ended up in the same dorm building by chance. We got to talking and realized that we went to the same high school! We were both pretty excited to have met someone right away with a little bit of familiarity. We chatted for a bit, but then basically left that night and didn’t talk to each other again FOR THREE YEARS.

        We spent all of high school and most of college apart but five minutes away from each other. It wasn’t until junior year when a mutual friend helped me on my campaign for student body president that I was reintroduced to Brian. I didn’t end up winning, but Brian told our mutual friend that when I was single, he was going to ask me on a date.

        One year later (poor guy) I was single and he asked me to coffee. We sat at Night Owl in Fullerton and talked for four hours. I remember thinking that I never wanted the night to end.

        At that time we were a few months away from graduating college and I just thought that the timing of everything was so perfect.. It was so evident that, despite having been right under each others noses most of our lives, we were not supposed to meet and date until the end of our college careers.

        We went into the real world together, dating, hand in hand, excited to pursue our own dreams and encourage each other. Brian was a music major with a heart for ministry, and it took me a little longer to figure out what I wanted to do with my journalism degree, but my guy was cheering me on every step of the way. Through many different jobs, Brian really encouraged me to pursue my dreams, and that’s how our relationship started. We grew into our careers together, are each other’s best friends and biggest fans, and we push each other to pursue our goals because we don’t want to waste a single day of this life doing anything else.

        That’s the beginning in a nutshell. And the rest is being written.



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