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        Can you count how many nights in a row you and your new husband have sat on the couch together and Netflix binged?

        Brian and I have our favorite shows we love to binge as well, just the other night we picked up Del Taco and caught up on This Is Us (SO GOOD, right?!). Theres definitely a time and place for a chill night in, but we’ve found that limiting our TV time and prioritizing going out together is VITAL for the health of our marriage. Having new experiences with your spouse not only gets you out of the house, but it spurs on fun conversations and stories that you might not have heard before! It sparks something new, excites you to continue learning about each other, and allows you to play and laugh together.

        One of the biggest bummers of the digital age is that you can be sitting right next to each other physically, but emotionally be miles away in your own worlds. It is so important for your relationship to make sure that you have social media/TV limits where you take a break from the side by side and choose to connect face to face.

        While it might sound elementary, it is one of the easiest ways to build a strong marriage, especially in the first year when you might be going through a season with a lot of change. You might be learning a ton about each other in a short time, figuring out/changing careers, living together for the first time, or learning about this commitment of marriage in a completely different way.

        There are a lot of road bumps in the first year of marriage and Brian and I are no strangers to them. We remember that season very clearly. Marriage was great, but it was a big time of transition as well. There were definitely some rough spots, but getting out and doing new things that we enjoyed definitely helped us connect, made our marriage so much more life-giving, and encouraged us to have fun together!


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