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        One of the easiest ways to get the most of your wedding photographer is actually to send me home before the grand exit! It sounds simple I know, but it can actually save you a lot of money without having to compromise any important photos. Let me explain.

        When it comes to creating a timeline for your wedding day, I totally get that it’s hard to know how long you’re going to want all of your vendors to be there. As your photographer, I’m at your reception to capture those important speeches and formal dances. Those events are each a few minutes long (give or take), and the rest of the evening is reserved for dancing, because DANCING.

        So how long do you really need your photographer to be there for dancing photos? Based on my experience, I’ve found that 30 mins to 1 hour is the sweet-spot.

        The dance floor is ON FIRE right when it opens, guests are excited to get up and celebrate with you! But after 30 mins most people who were excited about dancing are taking a break, socializing, or hitting the dessert bar or coffee station. Energy ebbs and flows throughout the rest of the night, but most of what I capture after an hour of shooting are just repeats of what I caught that first 30 mins. I’ve found that even if I shoot for 2 hours straight, when I go through the photos later, 90% of the photos you get I took within the first 30 mins. Beyond an hour of shooting I’m getting very similar photos of the same people.

        So if you’re looking for a way to maximize your photographer’s time, utilize your photographer more at the beginning of the day instead of the end of the day. Unless you have some crazy fun grand exit, it’s not always necessary for me to be there until the end of the wedding. Just some advice from your girl, because you know I’m here to help in whatever way I can!



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