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        Has your fiancé dropped more than a few hints that wedding talk has gone a little overboard? That’s probably because even though you don’t notice it, you might be talking about the wedding 24/7. There are so many details that need to get sorted out, and its only natural to talk about the wedding with the people who are closest to you.

        You don’t want to go into your marriage burnt out, and when all you do is talk about your wedding, it can cause your relationship to suffer. I always suggest to my couples that they make sure to take breaks from wedding talk.

        Think about it, when’s the last time that you spent an evening with your fiancé and didn’t talk about your wedding at all? Not even the napkin colors. If you haven’t made this a priority yet, go out on a “no wedding talk” date! Taking breaks to have fun together is so necessary. Make sure you’re checking in with your fiancé to see how they’re doing and feeling–not only about the wedding day, but about marriage!

        Pro-Tip: Try and treat wedding planning like a part time job, where you have set hours to complete tasks and once that time is up you’re done for the week (or day).

        Wedding planning can be all-consuming if you let it. Make sure the task of planning your wedding doesn’t overshadow the planning of your marriage.


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