TO MENU

        HERE. IT. IS. The day that you dreamt up since…I don’t know what it is for you, but for me, it’s definitely elementary school. Every last detail is now a reality, from the gorgeous table scape to every flower arrangement. You’re staring at the back of your fiancé, seconds away from your first look; this is the day he becomes your husband! Your heart is racing, you’re nervous but at the same time you’re not because, after all, this is your person!

        You tap him on the shoulder, he turns around and sees you for the first time.


        That split second is going to be a memory that you and your husband have forever. I want you to feel the emotion and weight of that moment reading this. Whether you’re a crier or not, my true desire is for you to experience that moment absolutely unhindered. So, don’t worry about messing up your makeup!

        You leave your wedding day with a few things: photos, a mud-stained dress, and your memories. The emotion you allow yourself to feel on that day will be what you keep forever. Science proves that experiencing things with your senses allows you to create stronger memories, and trust me girl, your makeup is less important than that memory! I hear moms and bridesmaids tell brides, “be careful, don’t mess up your makeup or get your dress dirty!” but its okay, because the cost of those things is having these REALLY special memories you get to store in your heart and mind forever.

        On my wedding day, the strongest memory I have is of my first look with Brian. I can put myself right back into that setting. When he turned around to see me for the first time I saw the joy in his eyes as he got emotional, I saw his lip start to quiver and it made me emotional. That is something I will remember forever, and my makeup still looked great. I had a bridesmaid hold concealer in her purse for me to touch up after, and I was good to go!

        So allow yourself to feel! Don’t let the fear of smudged eyeliner get in the way of memories from the most important day of your life.